Our goal at Jade Machinery (Pvt) Ltd is building excellence for our customers. As a machinery owner, your goal is to protect the substantial investment you have made in your machinery. Properly maintaining mechanical systems is the key to overall life expectancy, efficiency and operating cost reduction for any facility. We have several different maintenance options which can be tailored to fit your machinery and your budget. We provide regularly scheduled maintenance check-ups and energy audits for your machinery. Our energy services team will meet with you to determine your unique needs and operating objectives. Our highly trained team will conduct a thorough analysis of your facility’s mechanical systems to establish the current operating conditions and provide a detailed report on the status. A thorough facility audit will be conducted and analyzed and we will present you with several options to keep your equipment running to the best of its capabilities. By addressing minor issues before they become catastrophic failures, you can save time and money, enabling you to focus on your core business.


We have a team of 24 hour on-call technicians so we can respond when emergencies occur. From simple repairs or one-time projects, to more far reaching solutions, our team is prepared to respond to your needs.


Our commitment to provide a one-stop shop for our clients drives us in stocking an extensive inventory of genuine spares at economical prices in terms of maintenance and repair coverage. These include fast moving items along with engine, electrical, hydraulic spares and undercarriage components. We believe product support is key to our business as this minimizes the machine down time for our clients thereby reducing their costs. This has led to us investing robust resources in our stock of spares to cater to all your needs. Our highly experience Product Support Staff analyse and identify the demands and ensure we cater to you.